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Blog // Worship Leading 23 Dec 2011

Christmas Eve 11pm 2011

I thought I would write down the plan for Christmas Eve 2011, mainly to remind me when it comes around next year, and secondly to share with others in case it helps. The title is always Candlelight Carols but this year I wanted to do something different with the lights. The house spots are just too bright, you may just as well have the main house lights on. So, still with candles, but adding some high level LED PAR64s lighting the tops of the walls, one in each corner (thanks for the borrow bruv), my LED Mega Panels providing a wash on the floor, my Par 36s providing light for the singers and pianist. Finally a 500watt halogen flood light to provide some additional lighting if needed. The plan for the service is to have it run from one PowerPoint set, with the videos embedded, the key points of the […]

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